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Now Available For Trade Exclusively through Incentive Plus Network

  • A BASIC Sales DVD training program with a SELLING emphasis
  • Get new hires off to a fast start, re-energize sales veterans
  • 28 video modules
  • Heavy emphasis on how to sell DIGITAL
  • New AEʼs get a SPECIFIC path to success - including categories with instant billing
  • Each module has an online test component to ensure AEʼs are ready to move on

Available Now!

Reserve TVSales.101™ NOW. Group discounts available.

We make you money, we make you better!

TVSales.101™ is powerful training that can fast-track new hires with the know-how and confidence to produce revenue right away! It can help prevent the enormous cost of losing new AEʼs – plus your entire sales team will benefit and make money with this program.

Here are topics Jim Doyle, Tom Ray and John Hannon discuss to get AEʼs producing revenue fast:

  • Understanding your TV station
  • Opportunity in the digital age of TV
  • Defining an ideal prospect & getting the appointment
  • Becoming a master of the initial client call
  • 10 must-ask diagnosis questions
  • Six things to think about before you write the proposal
  • The “Final Five” – closing with confidence
  • Uncovering digital dollars & big money selling new platforms
  • Creative that closes sales
  • Making money with ratings & how to be the agencyʼs favorite rep
  • High opportunity categories... plus 16 other modules

Just $3965 per market!

For additional info, contact Pat Pattison,
or call 480-596-6320.

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